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Foley Physical Medicine

Chiropractic Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation

Knee Pain - Chiropractic Treatment

Knee Pain is Not All the Same

     Knee pain can happen to almost anyone from eight to eighty years old. It is so common because we all use our knees everyday. At first glance, all knee pain may appear to be the same. However, there are actually many different causes of knee pain. All these different causes of knee pain result in slightly different kinds of pain that can require very different types of treatment.

Ligament Knee Pain

      Athletic knee injuries are common in sports like basketball, football, hockey, and running. These injuries are usually traumatic, and occur after the foot is planted on the ground while the knee is twisted. This results in small tears of the ligaments that support the knee. After the injury, the knee is typically swollen, painful, and possibly bruised. Further examination and testing, like x-rays or an MRI, will determine exactly how much damage has been done to the ligaments of the knee. If there have been complete tears of the ligaments, surgery may be required to repair the knee. If the ligament damage is less severe, conservative treatment consisting of icing, bracing, and rehabilitation can be used to repair the knee and prevent further issues.

Pain Behind the Knee

        Chondromalacia Patella Another common type of knee pain is caused by inflammation or a thickening of the cartilage behind the kneecap. Inflammation behind the cartilage results in a deep, dull, ache behind the kneecap. This pain is worse when using the stairs, and after long periods of sitting with the knees bent, such as sitting at your desk all day or sitting in a movie theater. Chondromalacia patella is most common in people aged 20-45 years old. To eliminate the pain of chondromalacia patella, the inflammation behind the kneecap must be removed. Icing the knee, topical muscle creams, and anti-inflammatories can reduce the pain, but only for a short time period. Doctor Foley can accurately diagnose and treat chondromalacia patella using neuromuscular re-education, physical therapeutic exercises, and gentle chiropractic adjustments to the knee.

Arthritic Knee Pain

      Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain. Osteoarthritis is also known as wear-and-tear arthritis because it is caused by the wearing down of the cartilage in a joint. This wearing down of the cartilage is caused by improper joint function and motion. Think of it as having a tire out of alignment on your car, and causing you to wear a bald spot on the tire. If your joint is not moving properly, it will wear out the cartilage in one spot which leads to osteoarthritis.

Cause of Knee Pain from Foot or Sacroiliac Joint

      What would cause the knee not to function properly? A previous injury to the knee can cause knee instability and muscle imbalances that can lead to osteoarthritis. A foot problem can cause abnormalities in gait, the way you walk. If the way you walk changes, certainly the way the knee is being used will change too. Also, lower back problems, especially problems at the sacroiliac joint where the pelvis and hip connect to the spine, can cause muscle imbalances in the muscles associated with knee movement. 

Relieve Knee Pain

       To effectively treat osteoarthritis of the knee you must first find the cause of improper joint motion. Therefore, an examination of the foot and low back are needed to determine if problems in those regions are causing your knee problems. After identification of the problem Dr. Foley will work with you to set up a plan consisting of Chiropractic manipulation, physical therapeutic exercises, and soft tissue work to resolve the issue. Finally, supplements may be recommended such as glucosamine and chondrotin sulfate which can be used to help reduce pain and rebuild the cartilage. Dr Foley can perform a thorough consultation and examination to determine the best treatment options for your knee osteoarthritis. 

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